REVITASUN for a flawless tan. Get colour where and when you want! With the easy-to-use spray bottle, REVITASUN Tanning Spray ensures an even colour without streaks or patches. The REVITASUN Flat Kabuki Brush allows you to create a smooth tan on even the smallest body parts. The REVITASUN Tanning Glove ensures impeccable colour on those larger areas.

REVITASUN is easy to use. The first result is visible just 30 seconds after application! This means that areas that have been accidentally tanned can be easily spotted and washed off before taking full effect. The browning continues to intensify over the next few hours and lasts for several days.

Tanning with REVITASUN is a pleasure for the senses. Tanning spray envelopes the user in a chemical free, all natural, light & aromatic fragrance.

REVITASUN is for the conscientious consumer. Awarded the protected seal of quality certified by the internationally recognized VEGAN SOCIETY, entire range is proven to be free from animal derived ingredients.

Bring out your best you with REVITASUN!