Neoderm Laboratory dermo cosmetics were created, which guarantee fully comprehensive, safe, and effective skin care, also during and after dermatological treatment. These recipes have been refined in every detail, and no active substance was accidentally included in them, they are hypoallergenic fragrances and a complete lack of paraffin, silicones, and parabens.

NEODERM dermo cosmetics are based on liquid crystal technology. This means the use of DMS – (Derma Membrane Structure) liquid crystal emulsions. DMS is a structure that is completely biocompatible with the structure of human skin and intelligently recreates the lamellar system of intercellular lipids that protect the skin against dryness and excessive water loss (TEWL). The base of liquid crystal emulsions are lipids identical to those of the epidermis, and the unique technological process makes the remaining active ingredients present in the cream even better absorbed into the skin. Liquid crystal emulsions are also a guarantee of extraordinary pleasure brought by daily care – the creams are light, spread and absorb perfectly, giving a velvety soft and silky feeling on the skin.